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Clifton Floral Design & Indoor Plant Service

Clifton Indoor Plants & Floral Design

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3 Warwick Place
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Clifton Nurseries is renowned for quality plants and stylish garden design, at this, London's oldest garden centre. Our loyal clients are impressively diverse, including worldwide corporate clients, well known fashion and media personalities and the private homes of discerning Londoners. Inspired by the beauty around us, we create stunning floral designs for an intimate dinner party or plan out luscious green solutions for planting (and plantcare) in the workplace.
Vibrant and contemporary, tranquil and elegant or informal and quintessentially English, our bespoke designs are a culmination of working 'with' our clients to create the designs they will love. 
Our knowledge of plants and flowers is well documented but the verve and experience our experts bring to the design process will ensure plants and flowers perfectly suit your venue, occasion and location.
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